Friday, September 05, 2008

Some Cleanup and Color

I thought I'd post a few samples of Cleanup I've done. Here's one from Foster's. I believe all of the designs were done by Ben Balistreri.

These next few are from Johnny Test. Marc Perry did the Character Designs. I had a blast working on this show!

The last ones are from Out of Jimmy's Head or OOJH as I like to call it. I did the Cleanup and Color on these. I think most of these designs are from Brianne Drouhard (she's awesome!)


*daisy said...

yay updates!! : D like all the samples- cute work! missed you last friday- hope you've been well! we should grab lunch/ hang out at some point, yes??

Daniel Logue said...

Good cleanup and color. As a veteran of the animation industry, I feel comfortable saying it's the best I have EVER seen.

Ryan Green said...

Ben Balistreri should snap off a little piece of that Emmy and hand it to you. Nice linework!p

RobochaoXX said...

What happened to Out Of Jimmy's Head?

I was really liking that show but I guess everybody's petitions,whining, and hate speech put it to rest.